Frequently Asked Questions

or "Find a quality selection" whatever suits you!

How does the points system work?

Great question, its that important to us we built a whole page about it on this website! You can click *here* to read all about it or alternatively reach out to our admin team who will be more than happy to explain it in depth to you.

Am i guaranteed to make a profit?

The long and short of it, there is no guarantee in gambling. What we do provide though is expert racing selections and a well thought out staking system which is our way of helping you manage risk, we believe that following our selections over the long term will be profitable however as mentioned nothing is guaranteed.

What do I get for my payment?

You get everything that we have to offer, full access to our VIP Telegram messenger group, an invite into the Racing HQ community where you can talk to other members that are involved, the payment covers everything. We have an excellent customer service team on hand to help whenever you require them.

Can I cancel at anytime?

You can, when joining with us you enter a monthly subscription service and not a contract which means that by completing a cancellation request form with us triggers an alert to our customer service team who will cancel your subscription with us.

What do I do if receive abuse in the group?

Tell our admin team immediately and ideally make note of the person that has given you the abuse, the chat will be heavily moderated by our team but its only natural that we may miss the odd thing, if you ever have a problem with anyone in the community please reach out to us so that we can look to suspend the membership that they have with us and take away the access they have to the community chat.

I think i may have a gambling problem

We are committed to helping so please never feel like this is a hinderance to us, we have Gamcare trained our customer service team and our head of customer service has experience in this field so if you ever feel like your gambling is getting out of control please reach out to us and we will be able to help, please also note that whatever help or guidance you receive from us is completely confidential and you will not be judged in any way.

What sites should I use to bet on?

We are in no way affiliated which saves the constant head bashing to join a certain bookmaker, we do however see a number of patterns in our bets. Bet 365 are usually the first to price up on horse racing and offer best odds, if they haven't yet closed you down a Bet 365 account will be useful to you! We also post a lot of place bets each month and usually William Hill and Betfred offer the most competitive prices on those. Any mainstream UK bookmaker will be fine to follow our service but using free services like Oddschecker is usually helpful when shopping around for the best value.

How do you get your tips?

We have a range of methods we use but you have our word that a lot of thought and analysis goes into each selection, the most natural way we "get our tips" is we will have an information source get in touch with us, whether that be a gallops watcher or a yard lad, we have a range of them, they will pass on what they know and we will then analyse the race, this includes looking into the other runners in the race. We eventually whittle the race down into "the runners" and we may then try and source information on any dangers that we see in the field. If everything looks good and most importantly the price is right, we will post the selection to VIP Members.

How often will you post tips?

Impossible to say, previous average figures show that we tip 1.29 horses per day so unless you want me to tip the tail on a Monday and the head on a Wednesday I am just going to go ahead and say we usually tip one a day. Quality over quantity here at The Racing HQ, we don't send out a tip for the sake of having a selection on any given day but will always send out a message to let members know that there is potentially a no tip day ahead.

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